Posted on: March 10, 2008 1:47 pm
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Five things that could keep O.J. in Southern Cal.

Five Reasons O.J. Mayo stays at USC for next season, from least to most important:

(1) They have a decent team this year, and nobody from the Trojans is leaving. Stanford will lose Lopez, UCLA will lose Darren Collison and maybe Kevin Love, leaving USC poised at a good shot at the PAC-10 crown. This theory is relying upon the possible stretch that he has actually bought into some semblance of a team concept.

(2) It's Southern California and he a mid-level celebrity. You think he wants sun and co-eds or the opportunity to lose 57 games with the Milwaukee Bucks next year? Best case scenario, he ends up on the Clippers, and then he's only playing in front of half as many people as he is right now.

(3) Watching a tape of Saturday's game, Mayo heard Clark Kellogg compare him to Stephon Marbury, and would like to up his comparison factor to at least "Walt Williams at Maryland in 1992."

(2) His lease with Nick Lachey runs through the 2009 school year.

(1) He hasn't lived up to the hype. On the cover of "Slam" in the pre-season and now being projected anywhere from 7th to 12th? It seems like a step backwards for a player perceived to be all about the glam. Think Sebastian Telfair being drafted 22nd. Staying in school for another year could mean a few extra million dollars, not to mention a bit more notoriety.

I think in the end, it depends on what kind of noise USC makes in the tourney. I'd like nothing more than to see OJ Mayo and Kevin Love stay another year, if for nothing else than seeing some polished college players above the level of role player (aka: Tyler Hanesborough).

That, and he's not even the most famous "O.J" in school history.

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