Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:22 pm

The REAL Most Valuable Player.

There is about 25 games to go in the NBA season, which means the MVP debate is only two months old. Who's gonna get it? LeBron? Kobe? Marko Jaric? I say Robert Horry, even though he's scored 83 points total on the season. And it doesn't have anything to do with him being part of a dominating frontcourt for my fantasy basketball team in 1993. Here's the real deal:

  • As of the middle of last week, when Horry plays in an NBA game his teams are 736-359. Average that over an 82-game season, and you've got a 55-27 season. Not too shabby. And, yes, I went through all 1095 games. Thanks, Basketball-Reference.com!
  • Having him on your team gives you a 47% shot at winning the title. Fifteen years, seven rings -- and that doesn't count his Spurs team this year that has as good a shot of anyone of winning (on a seperate note, I hate the Spurs -- but that's for another post).
  • He has more PLAYOFF wins in his career (147) than the Knicks have REGULAR SEASON wins in the last five seasons (145).
  • None of Horry's past teams (Rockets, Suns, Lakers) have won an Association Finals after getting rid of him. He's like a Bambino Curse dressed up as Will Smith's doppelganger.

Now, you may have arguments such as, "But Max, the guy has averaged seven points for his career! He has more career fouls than assists! How can you do this?" Think of it as a lifetime achievement award for a journeyman. You don't have to like him. Hell, I don't anymore.

Just remember that having Big Shot Bob holding down the end of your bench is like having a goddamn horseshoe-shaped rabbit's foot jammed up your ass. And, yes, I know I already posted these fascinating numbers on the fantasy basketball message board. Gotta get mileage out of the material, homes.

Tomorrow: The anti-Horry, and what seperates the two...aside from a manure-pile of victories.

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